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Hope Rising: How Christians Can End Extreme Global Poverty.  Dr. Todd envisions, “The twenty-first-century Christians embraced the entirety of their gospel―the truths it proclaims and the muscles it demands―with a new integrity. They did not deteriorate into humanist liberalism, as some had feared. Nor did they pile works on top of Grace…They simply determined that their world did not need to have children dying of preventable causes such as dirty water.”


Shared Strength: Exploring Cross-Cultural Christian Partnerships shares insights on how to bridge cultures, comfort zones, and expectations to form effective partnerships that honor relationships. Join leaders from ten Christian organizations as they share their experiences and recommendations for building Christ-centered partnerships that have lasting impact.  Explore how North-South interactions best enable churches of the global South and the North to fulfill their mission. Go farther together instead of faster alone.


Relentless Hope: The Unstoppable Movement of Disciple-Making Communities explains how 21st century mission can be revolutionized by the simple, original plan of Jesus – be the ECCLESIA and make disciples. Relentless Hope calls readers to discover disciple-making as the only way to advance the kingdom of God in the world today and shows the ECCLESIA as the body of believers locally gathered as the community through which disciple-making occurs.


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Scott was invited to write an article on partnership for Outcomes magazine. The article offers a realistic view of why so many “partnerships” fail and some ideas on how to build partnerships that thrive through strategic listening, mutual commitment, complementary and mutually valued strengths and results orientation. The full article is accessible here.







Scott’s efforts to unify Christians in the work of ending extreme poverty through the “Live58” Initiative were featured in USA Today.





Scott’s message of evidence-based hope and challenge against low expectations was featured in Relevant Magazine. (May require subscription to access)